April 3, 2009

What's with the Seeds?

Seeds, Seeds, Everywhere!

What is it with seeds? Seeds racks seem to call my name . Like they know me personally and wink knowingly as I attempt to walk by. No can do. They are simply irresistible. Come hither.......

Seeds really epitomize the circle of life. When I cut a fruit or vegetable open and take a look at the number of seeds it contains I am amazed at the power of a single veggie. The seeds of just one tomato can provide me with tomatoes for the rest of my life! How amazing is that! Life truly should be abundant all over the world. There really isn't a reason for starvation - just putting things in place properly. Teach a man to fish.......

Take heirloom seeds. These have been passed along from generation to generation thereby feeding a family for years and years and years. How awesome is that!

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