April 17, 2009

New Arrivals - Brugs!

The Coolest Flowers Ever

They're here - the brugs have arrived! These are an absolute favorite and since I managed to kill the lot that I had last year I simply had to order more! These are hardy in the south but in the northeast they can be a real job. That's probably why they are near impossible to find in this area.

I have been growing them for about 5 years and hauling them in and out of the house is definitely a workout. Very few things are worth the effort but these babies are! In a typical growing season in New England these grow 5+ feet tall, depending on variety. It is an awesome sight when they start a flush of flowers and most have a nice scent.

So this years varieties are:
  • Jean Pasco (pink)
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Harrenhauser Garten (double flowers are orange and yellow)
  • Frosty Pink
Time to haul out the pots.....

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