April 22, 2009

I love rainy days as much as I love sunny days. Just like my garden. It's all about balance. Too much or too little of either puts me out of whack and any gardener knows that their garden feels the same. After a rainy, rainy day yesterday and an "on again / off again" rainy day today I was able to accomplish a few things...however minor.... outside today.

Les Petit Pois
I am in experimental mode so I popped some peas in the garden. I put 34 in. I am not sure if that is reasonable or not since I have never grown peas before but I guess I will know soon....certainly by fall planting time. Nor have I ever eaten a "fresh from the garden" pea before but I am looking forward to the privilege of doing so. Funny because when I was a kid peas were on my most hated list. I guess that means I'm all "growed" up.

Potatoes are another thing. Being of Irish descent, I've eaten a potato or two in my life. A potato is a potato is a potato, right? Non, non mes amis! Last summer I was a "fresh from the garden" potato virgin. I assumed that all potato were created equal. Not true - totally false! My neighbor gave me some of his garden fresh potatoes and they were phenomenal! Taters are definitely on my grow list.

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