February 22, 2011

To GPS or not GPS....that is the question.

When my oldest daughter was about 3 years old we were driving to a see a friend of mine and she was not familiar with the route.   At one point she asked what street we were on. I said that I did not know. She asked if we were lost. I replied that we were not lost and that I just knew how to get there. She wasn't falling for that. She pondered it for a moment and asked "Mom – how do you spell 'I am lost'?" Ah from the mouths of babes!

That brings me to yesterday. Last year I got a car that has a built-in GPS. I haven't used it much because I actually have a great sense of direction not to mention that I can be quite impatient with technology. Yesterday I was taking a drive to an unfamiliar area so I decided to give the GPS a try. The area was mostly small winding streets and Madame GPS and her orders were grating on my nerves. "Left turn in ¼ of a mile."……"Slight right at 200 feet"…… A fight broke out and I turned her OFF. I went with my gut instinct. This is what I found….

 Definitely a wrong turn somewhere!
Definitely a wrong turn. LOL!

At this point, with my proverbial tail between my legs, I admit defeat.  This time.  GPS to the rescue!

February 9, 2011

Snow Bugs?

I took the Pug for our weekly outing to the pond on Sunday to visit these guys.

Swans on the pond
Amazingly, I actually remembered to bring something to feed them this time.

Someone else enjoyed the Cheerios.......
.....but the swans did not approve!

It was too hard to walk around the pond today because of all the snow so after the quick trip down to feed the swans we headed back out.  I noticed that there were thousands of black dots all over the snow.
Upon closer inspection, I could see that the dots were hopping around.  Huh?  What are they?  Snow bugs?  I still don’t know but I am very curious.  Anyone?