November 9, 2010

Unchartered Territory – The Pug & I

My butt has respectfully requested that I get off of it.  It is annoyed with me.  As am I, with it.  Soooooo……. before I have to resort to the treadmill (and the dreaded shin splints that I get while using it), I am getting out in the great outdoors.    So much more pleasurable.

So last week the Pug & I ventured over to the town reservoir.  I was there a awhile ago and it was not a great place for walking but a couple of years ago the Town set up a parking area and unbeknown to me, now there is somewhat of a path.  

11 07 Elsa

11 07 Elsa 2Of course they are largely obscured by gazillions of leaves!

11 07 Moss At this time of year any color on the forest floor POPS!

11 07 Tree mushrooms

11 07 Ferns

11 07 Red Berries These little red berries, and I do mean little – the plants were only about 2 or 3 inches tall, just caught my eye amongst all of the brown.

11 07 Mini conifers
Newborn evergreens I assume?

11 07 Mushrooms on a tree
Mushrooms growing 20 (or so) feet up in the tree canopy.  Isn’t nature amazing??

11 07 Birdhouse
I was kind of surprised to see this.  Probably a recent installation since the wood still looks kind of new.

 11 07 Swans
One of God’s beautiful creatures….the swan.
They are curious creatures and approached us along the shoreline.
11 07 Swans 2
Probably hoping for food.  The Pug (aka city dog) had a bark-fest – they were not bothered in any way.

11 07 Elsa wants to go home
Can we go home now?  I’m thirsty……and pooped!

I have been down to the reservoir 4 or 5 times this past week and plan to do so until the snow comes.  I will post more about my adventures – boring as they may be!  Fun for me though.    And Elsa.   And my butt thanks me.

November 2, 2010

Brrrr……One Warm Coat

It’s incredible how affected we are by the weather isn’t it?  Here in New England we flip flopped from unseasonably warm temperatures last week, to unseasonably cold this week.   Time to pull out the winter woollies!

The nip of cold sent me running for the coats, sweatshirts and socks!  I am kind of anti-sock and each year I put off wearing them for as long as possible.  Their appearance on my feet is a sure sign of things to come yet I feel fortunate to have what I need to keep me warm.  Not everyone does.

Each year when we pull our coats out of summer storage, we downsize the collection.  With three daughters, there are always a few to pass long.   Last year I found an organization that collects coats for those in need.  It is nationwide and you can donate a single coat or organize a drive.

One Warm Coat Logo
How about you?  Need to free some closet space?  Want to help someone in need?  Want to do a green “deed”?
Recycling image

I am joining Suzan of Old*Grey*Mare for the November edition of Project Genesis.  Won't you?