April 12, 2009

Indoor Seeds - Round 1

Turkey & Dirt

While the bird was in the oven for Easter dinner I decided to multi-task. Soooooo........I got out the peat pots and related gear as the bird was cooking. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I bought a couple of those prefilled peat pots trays and quickly found out how hard it is to moisten the soil. After a few different approaches, the solution was to grab a bowl > add dirt > add water and swish around with my hands. Voila! There - now that works! Hubby who had spent the afternoon on the couch watching baseball happened upon the scene and was overcome by the very earthy smell permeating the kitchen. "Are we having turkey or dirt for dinner?", he asked. Oy! I do silly stuff!

Anyhoo....normally I start my seeds way too early and have problems with damping off and what not so I decided to start them a few weeks later this year. I managed to get these started:
  • Cilantro
  • Cucumbers - Bush Champion
  • Eggplant - Black Beauty
  • Jalapenos (can't wait for Ceviche this summer!)
  • Snake Gourds
  • Giant Pumpkins
  • Dipper Gourds
  • Birdhouse Gourds
  • Sunflowers - Golden Cheer
Next up......tomatoes & peppers.

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