December 21, 2009

A White Christmas It Is…..

A lot of people dream of them.  Even Bing Crosby.  Me, not so much.  I’ve seen more than my fair share of snow and the novelty wore off decades years ago.  After all I grew up in Canada and only migrated south in midlife.  To New England no less.  Bright move, huh?

So without further ado, for those of you who long for snow at Christmas, this is for you.

Down at the creek.  (I am so grateful for zoom lenses!)
Snowy Trees

This next little guy is one of my favorites.  Talk about troopers.  They don’t even show up until the weather turns cold!   Dark-Eyed Juncos are ground feeders and hop around under the feeders to pick up seeds.  In case you’re interested, you can learn more about Juncos here.
 Snowy Junco

With a friend.
Snowy Birds

Rummaging for seed.
Snowy Junco 2

Busy, busy feeders.
Snowy Trio

My neighbor’s roof!

Snowy Roof

And that was Mother Nature’s gift to us!  Thanks Mom!

P.S.  I double posted this to both blogs.  I figured this had more to do with my outdoor blog and I wanted to keep track of the outdoors in the “off season”.