April 16, 2009

More Turkey Tales!

Turkey....a Recurring Theme

With a beautiful day at hand, open windows were the way to go. A tad on the cool side with a slight wind blowing the curtains..... a welcome sensation. What's not to love about the great outdoors in the Spring! Trees budding, birds tweeting.......mmmm more good days to come.

As I was checking my email, I heard an unusual sound in the backyard. I poked my head out the window and down by the creek there was a visitor.......a wild turkey! I was surprised and delighted to have this visitor. Although I have seen them elsewhere, I have
never had any in my yard before. I made a dash for my camera and ran out to the deck.

I managed to get a few pics when the turkey started flapping and screeching. As I looked up I spotted the culprit - Smudgie Bug. Damn cat! Out of nowhere! Down goes the camera and off and running I am. Clapping and screaming like a lunatic! Reflecting back, I hope my neighbors were all busy with their lives. Not a pretty picture - the turkey is screeching and flapping, the cat is in hot pursuit and I am flipping out! Oy!

The end result turned out fine. The turkey escaped.

As delighted as I was to have a new visitor, please ....no more turkeys in my yard.

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