April 18, 2009

Indoor Seeds - Round 2

Well three days later, I'm just getting back to seed starts.
Obviously I got sidetracked. So unlike me. Not! The second round of seeds were planted on the 15th. I planted:
  • Tomato - Mortgage Lifter (x18)
  • Onion - Evergreen (x8)
  • Yellow Peter Pepper (x6)
  • Morning Glory - Pink Star (x8) - and already 5 sprouts after 3 days!
  • Tomato - Sweet 100's (x10)
  • Orangesicle Peppers (x9)
  • Dutchmen's Pipe "Grandiflora" (x9)
Have I mentioned how much I love this whole process? Seeds become food from food that is full of seeds.

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