March 30, 2009

Birth of a Blog & Cool Tools

Birth of a Garden Blog
I am finally starting a garden blog. Not because I think I have anything interesting to say but rather because I have a hell of a time keeping track of my comings and goings.

The experiments come in many facets - testing new veggies in the garden, planting the same item in different spots to see what does best where, and other such nonsense which may not matter much to anyone but it sure keeps me amused. Haha!
So since Spring is around the corner, I figure I will dust off my garden gear.

Cool Tools
I don't prescribe to having a tool for every task. I tend to have my favorites and often they turn into multi-purpose tools. One of my favorites is a 3 pronged thingy that I believe is called a cultivator. Yes - that is what it is called cuz the picture to the right says so. I use this baby for loosening weeds, turning soil, mixing fertilizer into the soil and most recently for personal injury. I have the long handled version and that really opens the door to a Larry, Curly & Moe moment. Let me put it this way, wearing foam type sandal in the garden is not a great idea.

My most recent cool tool is......virtual. It's an online garden plan that allows you to draw your garden, add the plants and include all the details, such as variety, plant date, harvest time, yada yada. It is my nature to be anal (pardon me - I do not mean to be
offensive) about these things but at the end of a day spent digging in the dirt, turning compost, etc., making notes tends to lose out over taking a shower and chillaxing. This works for me. I can watch TV while my hair dries AND make notes about my garden activities! How cool is that? Works for me. Check it out at plangarden.

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