July 8, 2009

Another Day in Paradise...

Guess what? It rained today...again. Not only that but it was severe enough that the National Weather Service interrupted radio transmissions to announce that a tornado could potentially touch down. My town was on the top of the list. Thankfully it didn't fully materialize. The reports are that supercells and microbursts hit a few miles to the north and a few miles to the south - hail, flooding, downed trees, etc. but we only saw heavy rain. One town about 15 miles north of here has gotten 9" of rain since last Thursday - only 6 days!

It has been relentless this year - rainy and very cool. It's 59 degrees right now! I haven't even been in the pool yet this year. That is just wrong! I am usually in the pool in May. I'm thinking that my garden may be a bust. My banana peppers are not even 6" tall and they've been in since the end of May. Oh well since I can't change it, I might as well get over it.

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