May 19, 2009

Welcome Home! Oy-vey!

Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Why did I go away at this time of year? The house, the piled up mail, the garden.....but most of all my seedlings! They are in very sad condition and very unlikely to survive. After all the love and care.....hauling out, hauling in, hauling out....... but I will take the high road on this one. Gardening is my hobby not my family's and at the end of the day the seedlings are replaceable.

On the other hand, I have an abundance of "volunteers" this year. Everywhere! There are tons of tomatoes, celery, potatoes, curcurbits (not sure which kind) and even what looks like a watermelon with a tiny melon on it (which, incidentally, is bigger than any I grew last year - go figure)! I have a general distaste for killing things - period - much less healthy plants. Same thing with bugs - I just don't have it in me to squish one. I did however muster the courage to do a little downsizing today.

So I pulled this beautiful volunteer potato plant from the coldframe today:

......and guess what I taters in the making!

I think the other potato volunteers will be left alone until further notice. There aren't that many and until mine are established I will let the volunteers do their thing. Another experiment.

On the pleasantly surprised side, I came across a bulbous little growth that might just be a watermelon. It is growing in the same area where I attempted to grow watermelon last year.

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