September 21, 2009

The Garden That Wasn't

Let me start by saying that I am am thankful that I was not relying on a harvest this year.  Cuz it didn't happen.  I am also thankful that I didn't count myself in for the Monday Harvest Tally over at Daphne's Dandelions cuz I would have been run out of dodge!  After 40+ straight days of rain in June and July the truth was quickly becoming apparent.  You can't beat Mother Nature.

So rather than cry over what didn't happen, I choose to laugh at what did.  This is the grape "crop".  In it's entirety!

I may taste one but otherwise I'm leaving them for the birds.  This vine is about 4 years old and these are the first grapes ever so at least I know it can produce.  See that....looking on the bright side.

Then there is the snake gourd vine.  This one was new in the garden this year.  The vine went berserk.  During the rainy, rainy days the vine escaped it's "enclosure" and went to visit the grapes.  It climbed up the trellis and intertwined itself amongst the grape vines.  There are several small snakes growing but with the weather being much cooler, I would be very surprised if anything comes of them.  There is just one worthy of mention - about 3 feet it is.

I am almost tempted to OCD on this bugger - make it the object of my affection.  Wrangling and tying it so that it ends up in a more interesting shape.  Hmmm....

Now on to my most successful bounty of the year.  Eggplant.  I picked one and made a nice eggplant parm - mmmm...good. This was another newbie for me.  Very pretty plant.  In addition the one already picked, this one might make it too.  I emphasize might.

All of the tomato plants were yanked yesterday and put in blight bags for my trash man tomorrow.  Not one darn tomato sandwich for me this summer.  Boo-hoo. 

Between the rain, and the critters and other nonsense this summer, the garden and I were not exactly BFF's.   Oh and my absence of more than 30 days over the growing season didn't help either.  Whatever.  There's always next year.  Maybe.  Stay tuned.


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