August 13, 2010

That Darn Cat!

I have had dogs all of my life.   Then 5 or 6 years ago when my dachshund died I knew a dog wasn’t a good fit for our lifestyle so I got cats.   Two of them.  A sister (Cally) and brother (Smudgie)  who were found huddled together with another sibling in a snow bank.  It has been quite a learning experience to say the least.   Cally is pretty much a slug – sleeping her days away.  Smudgie is the cat about town.  My intention was to have indoor cats but he would hear nothing of that.  Once the windows are open in the springtime, he is relentless in his quest to get outside.  I have had to replace window blinds countless times due to his escape efforts.  And he pops up everywhere!  Rumor has it he visits all of our neighbor's pets by peering in their basement windows.

Smudgie Pool 1

At least he’s self sufficient….Smudgie Pool 2
That darn cat!


Ima Weed said...

Neat names for your cats. I love my Sophie, she showed up years ago and demanded to be an inside cat.

Greta Koehl said...

I love it when they get that curious-adventurous look on their faces: "I'm going to figure this out!"

Susan said...

He's adorable. The fact that he'll even stand on the side of an inflatable pool is amazing to me. He's not ever fallen in, hm?

All four of our cats are frightened of anything inflatable, except (of course) the inflatable mattress for overnight guests. My son's friends will sometimes spend a few days here at a time (since our move we live a heck of a way away from all our old friends so they tend to just stay over), and our one cat, Chauncey, rrrrrrrr... well, he's made a few holes a few times.

Love the pictures!

HOpe you have a great weekend,