August 15, 2010

A Splendid Day - Experimenting for Fall


It never ceases to amaze me how affected we are by the weather.    I love the outdoors but I would be the first to say that on stifling hot day, my garden is mostly neglected.  Containers get watered and that’s about it.   We all grumble and groan when it’s too hot, or too cold.  Myself included.  But today…..was picture perfect.  Beautiful 80 degree weather with NO humidity!    So my thoughts turned to Fall veggies.    I have pondered planting cool weather crops for the past couple of years but a combination of weather and life in general have stopped me.  Until today!  Time to experiment.


The task involved pulling some veggies that were done for the year and turning the soil.    It was fun playing in the dirt again!


So, for the 1st time ever I have planted cool weather crops!  (It sounds so silly to say “crops” but…..)  SO this is what was planted:


08 15 BeetsBeets and, um, black eyed peas maybe??


08 15 Turnips   


08 15 Peas Spinach Peas and Spinach



It will be fun to see if this experiment works.  Nothing like hands on experience to learn something new. 


Oops….I took a while to put this post together so I actually planted on Saturday but posted on Sunday.


troutbirder said...

Fall crops is a great idea. I'm a little garden discouraged though this year though as late blight, middle blight and even early blight has made a disaster of the tomato "crop." Maybe farmers markets are the answer for my almost annual tomato blues....

Ima Weed said...

Some good choices for fall. I love turnips roasted or cooked in soups with potatoes.

LV said...

You will have some great fresh veggies for fall. Nothing better especially since you grew them yourselves.

Michelle said...

Hi Maureen! That was so nice of you to offer pots on my blog. If you happen to have large, spare nursery pots, I would love to take them, but only if it's convenient for you. Whereabouts in MA are you? I hope you are getting some of this nice rain today. Thank heavens for rain!

Alea said...

I hope you are blessed with a bountiful fall harvest! Fall is actually one of my favorite times to garden.