August 2, 2009

Today's Babble - Zucchini

It appears that I have time on my hands 'cuz there's nothing doin' in the garden. Time to blog but nothing to blog about! A double edged sword.

Sooo I thought I would highlight a post by someone who does have things to talk about and I wanted to share it. I can't quite remember how I found it. It would be safe to say that I took the usual route....the circuitous one. Basically sheer luck. It's about life on the other side of the pond. You can find it here Thyme for Cooking.

Here she offers some solutions for "that" time of year. When people become zucchiniphobic. Neighbors hide when they see you coming. They run away screaming when you round the corner with an armful of green baseball bats...... "Noooooooo mooooore!" Ya, that's not going to happen to me this year but just in case......I will be ready. There's always next year. But for those of you with a bountiful harvest, here are some ideas in her blog.

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