January 17, 2011

Out & About – The Colors of January

When I started my blog a year or so ago my intention was to track my garden and outdoor shenanigans.  Nothing of much interest to anyone else.  Just for me.   I was OK with that.  The thing is that I am finding kindred spirits and find that I love to show what’s going on in my neck of the woods as much as I love seeing what’s going on everywhere else.

To the few who check in and read what I have to say and see my pictures, thank you but more importantly, thank you for sharing your world with me.

Without further ado, here’s what has happened in the last week in Massachusetts.

ANOTHER snow storm hit on January 12th and lasted all.day.long.  About 20”.

01 12 Evergreen 20 or so inches later…..

01 14 Icicles
The troops arrived in droves the next day for clean up….and food!
01 12 Cardinal
Bird by bird, peck by peck, the crew was here to dig out the seed.
01 12 Junco

01 12 Titmouse
Within two days between the work crew and the sunshine, the seed was uncovered.
01 Woodpecker
Oh!  Look!  A bird party!
A woodpecker, goldfinch and a bunch of bluebirds.
01 14 Bird party
01 14 Bluebird party
I  was thrilled to see bluebirds at this time of year.  Today I went to the seed shop and I was told that I was indeed lucky.  They do appear here and there in winter but not very frequently.  If you have the good fortune to have bluebirds you will notice that they tend to be in groups of 6-10.  That is their winter pattern.  Once the warmer weather comes they will become territorial and will only be found in pairs.  How lucky that they came upon my feeders!

When the winter doldrums hit, it is nice to see these flashes of color!


Michelle said...

Wow, I didn't even know we had bluebirds here!

Verde Farm said...

What a beautiful week you’ve had. That is definitely a bird party. How pretty. Are the blue birds eating seeds and if so-what kind? I’ve never gotten them to my feeders. We have blue birds here but can’t get them except with mealy worms.

De tout, de rien said...

Hi, new follower here through Vonlipi

Oh those bird pictures are stunning! They're so beautiful you could make a calendar!

We don't get bluebirds here in Ontario. They're gorgeous!

Honey at 2805 said...

The bird pictures are really stunning. And, that's a lot of snow. We have had some really cold weather, but it's is 70 here today & you are my last stop before I had out the door and soak it up.

I've just become a friend and follower. Hope you might do the same!