January 30, 2011

Oh Sunny Day – The Pug & I (Plus 1!)

A beautiful sunny day and it’s about 40 degree.  Now that’s something to take advantage of at this time of year!   Time to get outside! 

In addition to the pug and I, we were joined by my daughter, Olivia.
Elsa n Livvy
We were pleasantly surprised to see that someone had cleared a path around the pond.  Strange…but good for us.

On the path
Elsa loves it here because she's free to run off leash.

Elsa on the snow path
You coming?

It was beautiful but the snow was soft and we were sinking every few feet.  Good thing I picked up some cheapie boots yesterday.  Thing is at this time of year, they only have really small sizes or really big sizes left.  I opted for kayak size – 11!

We weren’t the only ones making footprints on this sunny afternoon.

Swan feet
We had company!

The swans came right up to us as they are used to being fed by people.  Unfortunately we came in my daughter’s car today and my bread supply was back home in my car.

Hope you had a good day too!


De tout, de rien said...

That pug is adorable!

Looks like you had a most lovely day: fresh air and swans. Great combo!

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, forty would feel great right now!!! We are snowpacked and sub~zero here in the Ozarks. Southern Missouri for heaven's sake!!! It's gonna be awhile before things start to move 'round here.

Meanwhile I've gotta don my duds and dress up like the Michelin Man to go do my chores. Burrrrrrrr!!!

I'm stallin' can ya'll tell?

God bless and have a warm fuzzy kinda day sweetie!!!

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Wow the snow is beautiful, but 40 is freezing for this Texas girl. Looks like you guys had a great time, thanks for sharing!

Simple Life Journey said...

Beautiful pictures!