November 2, 2010

Brrrr……One Warm Coat

It’s incredible how affected we are by the weather isn’t it?  Here in New England we flip flopped from unseasonably warm temperatures last week, to unseasonably cold this week.   Time to pull out the winter woollies!

The nip of cold sent me running for the coats, sweatshirts and socks!  I am kind of anti-sock and each year I put off wearing them for as long as possible.  Their appearance on my feet is a sure sign of things to come yet I feel fortunate to have what I need to keep me warm.  Not everyone does.

Each year when we pull our coats out of summer storage, we downsize the collection.  With three daughters, there are always a few to pass long.   Last year I found an organization that collects coats for those in need.  It is nationwide and you can donate a single coat or organize a drive.

One Warm Coat Logo
How about you?  Need to free some closet space?  Want to help someone in need?  Want to do a green “deed”?
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I am joining Suzan of Old*Grey*Mare for the November edition of Project Genesis.  Won't you?



~~Carol~~ said...

There's a store in town that always does a coat drive, and it's a really great cause, because I don't think people realize that there are alot of people who don't have one. Especially children.
I'm with you Maureen. My feet don't go into socks and shoes until I can't stand it. It's flip flops 'til my toes freeze!

oldgreymare said...


Also eyeglasses and cell phones are collected by charities for reuse.

Good work clothes are desired by organizations that help get women from shelters back into the workplace.

Can't find anything local? call your local tv station. they'll know because they do stories on such charities.

Thank you so much for joining in!



Jillayne said...

Hi Marie, You left such a great idea when you commented on my blog but there was no way to email you back so I am thanking you here. Freezing it would be so smart!

Verde Farm said...

Thanks for sharing this link...I have a few coats/jackets we can donate this year. What a wonderful thing to do.

Theresa said...

Thank you for the link... with 5 kids we always have an extra coat or two. Theresa xoxo

Lori E said...

Our local real estate agents do a coat drive as well. A great idea.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Socks: one of the great pleasures in life when it gets a little cold! LOL! Weather has been crazy here too: we go from constant rain one day to scorching summer the next!!

Olive Cooper said...

Hi Maureen! That is an excellent idea and yearly practice to clear out your closet and to help others. I hardly wear coats in Georgia but donate clothes to a women's thrift store that helps women with job skills. Thanks bunches for visiting me:))) ♥O

Nezzy said...

I've already been there and done that about a month ago! What a great cause!

God bless ya and have an incredible day sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...
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