October 27, 2010

A Wonderful Autumn Day

The garden may be over for the season but Autumn is still a wonderful time to be outdoors.  Yesterday was one of those days!
10 26 Temp
And that was in the shade!

10 26 Laundry A perfect day for bedding on the clothesline.

10 26 Back view
Leaves are quickly covering the ground.  Oh, and acorns too!  I think there are approximately 3 trillion of them in my yard.

10 26 Smudgie
Smudgie sunning.

10 26 Elsa 
Elsa (aka City Dog) enjoys nature’s bounty of acorns as toys.

10 26 Brug
The brugs are enjoying the weather – no longer panting from excessive heat.

10 26 Watering
I don’t ever recalling having to water in October!

10 26 Geranium
Geraniums really seem to enjoy cooler weather.
Last year I was in a little store where they bring in their geranium flower boxes and over winter them in a window.  Even though it’s a drafty spot, they survive and actually thrive.  I may try that this year.

I hope you are enjoying good weather too.


Verde Farm said...

What beautiful weather you are having. It' been pretty warm here too. Love your photos above but my favorite is the clothes on the line. I think that is the prettiest site. So country, so fresh and right down my alley :)

Chatty Crone said...

I love this weather too - it is perfect and I LOVE pugs.