July 23, 2010

Out & About – July 22 Edition - Fertilizer Friday

I’m joining the weekly Fertilizer Friday meme hosted by the wonderful Tootsie.  You can pay her a visit too!   By clicking here.

This week has proven to be a random happenings kind of week. 

I pruned back the petunias in my hanging baskets and collected seeds for next year.
July 9 Petunia Seeds

The last of the Leeks were pulled.   I love to let them bolt and have the papery scape burst open to reveal the inside.  But that’s just me being silly (and experimental).
July 22 Leek scape

In my little neighborhood the backyards are kind of pie shaped and meet in the middle.  Thankfully, we have been blessed with the greatest neighbors.  Very “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.  This is a view of one part of my backyard.  Looking right from the deck. 
July 22 Timber About 20 minutes before this picture was taken, I mentioned to my husband that a mammoth vine had climbed the tree overlooking my veggie patch and the tomatoes were not doing as well as they should because they needed more sun.  Next thing I know, our neighbor is up the tree on a ladder roping the tree to take it down.  Do you see the diagonal white line in the center of the picture?    Well hubby is on the end of that rope (behind our SHARED compost bins) pulling the tree while our neighbor is on the chainsaw.  He is obscured by the overgrown grapevine and hydrangea.  Poof!  Done!  My veggies should be happy!

From this vantage point if I were to look left (wish I had taken a picture), there is a small creek with a bridge and pretty much forest on the other side.  I use it to store nursery pots and there is a compost bin there too.  While I was walking the puppy  a couple of days ago, I was startled (doesn’t take much to freak me out, critter-wise) to see this….
July 22 Frog This guy has apparently taken up residence in an old kiddy pool.  A quasi Club Med for frogs and friends.  Knock yourself out buddy!

At the risk of boring you to death, be forewarned this is but yet another blurb about my daturas.    You may want to run off at this point and that’s cool.  Run!  Run!  (This is the first year that I’ve grown them from seed and I just want to keep track.)
July 22 Datura

July 22 Datura PM What a difference a day makes!

Have a wonderful week but first,  head on over to see Tootsie and more garden aficionados!


Darla said...

What great neighbors. I have been over the top excited about my white datura as well, also started from seed.

Angel said...

Yeah,.. what she said; What great neighbors! ...haha
Your Daturas look really great :)
Love the little frog...hahaha
Thanks for stopping by, the pink lilies with the yellow center was a find @ Lowes, I have the tags somewhere ...... I can't remember a thing anymore! For my Husband, sometimes "That's a Good Thing" lol
Anyway Have yourself a Great weekend ~

Alea said...

Your datura is beautiful! I created my gardening blog just so I could go on and on about my favorite plants. :) I have a vase of onion flowers on my table. I like to let them bolt because I find their blooms lovely.

Chatty Crone said...

Is that what happens to the inside of the leek? sandie

rustandruffles said...

Your yard is beautiful!!!

Tootsie said...

I did Datura from seed a few years ago and was very happy with them...I don't know why I didn't do them again...they are now officially on the list for next year! thanks for linking in!