October 25, 2009

Mother Nature’s Magic - Fabulous Fall!

Fall is in full swing in New England.   What a treat to get out and enjoy the riot of color.  The pictures I took in my yard this week are awesome.
Maples leaves

Maples leaves 2

The summer weather may not have pleased the garden but the trees must have loved the deep watering.  Pine cones and acorns are abundant!
Pine Tree

Pine Tree 2

The pine cones pose no threat.  But these……
…..are downright dangerous!  Oy!  It has been snowing acorns non-stop for the last 4-5 weeks.  The assault is relentless!   If not dinging us on the head then they are under foot.  Having to watch where you step while taking cover from the air assault can cause quite the contortions.  Which might be funny.  If it didn’t hurt so much!
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