July 8, 2008

Why blog? Why the "Experimental Farmer"?

My "Virgin" Post......

I've been meaning to blog but......just never seem to get to it. I have plans for 2009. When the growing season begins, I WILL blog. Just to keep track.

So in the middle of this season I will say....I've been growing stuff for a long time. Mostly flowers and a few veggies but always the world's number one food....tomatoes! Eating a tomato picked fresh from the vine is such a great pleasure.

So why the "Experimental Farmer"? Dictionary. com defines a "farmer" as "someone who cultivates the land". I do that! They didn't say it has to be acres of land! I'm cool with that. Most summer days I look like I have been working on a farm anyway - with my funny tan lines and dirty nails. The "experimental" part comes my natural tendency to....ummm.....march to the beat of my own band. You could say that I tend to bumble along and make do with what I have. Nothing special, just random things like using things for purposes other that which they are intended and growing stuff that I've never grown before - just to satisfy my curiousity.

So that's my story. 2009 will be here before we know it !

DISCLAIMER: NO harm or insult
is meant towards real farmers. Now THEY know what hard work is all about!

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