March 17, 2011

Happy & Sad–The Pug & I

Spring has sprung!  And that makes me ever so very very very very happy!  We went from a few feet of snow to nada in no time.  Lickety split!  I am amazed. 
Out most recent venture to the pond showed great promise. 

The snow was 99% gone.  That made for much easier walking.

A little color is starting to show.
Things are awakening.


What a wonderful time of year!

For anyone who has read any of my recent posts, you will know that I have posted about a pair of swans that we (the pug & I) see and feed at our favorite little spot.  We have been there twice over the past two weeks, and sadly, each time only one swan is there.  She (I think it's the female) seems very depressed.

Her head perked up when we arrived.  (Sorry for the picture quality – she was at quite distance.)

We weren’t of much interest though.

It wasn’t her mate so she quickly recoiled.  I am so sad.  I wonder where her mate is yet in my heart I prefer not to know.


Cindy said...

Aw...that is so sad. Poor swan!

troutbirder said...

It is a wonderful time of the year. Now hiking down those trails does not portend of slips and falls and broken bones. I saw some sandhills, many ducks and 3 trumpeter swans yesterday on the newly ice free ponds. Nothing sad abubt 3 perhaps but I don't really know. I gave up waterfowl hunting many years ago for several reasons but one was a goose that kept coming back for her mate......