September 30, 2010

Paper Pollution in your Mailbox - Project Genesis

On the 1st day of each month Suzan aka Old*Grey*Mare  hosts a meme where people are invited to share their tips for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.    Aptly named “Project Genesis”.   

One day at a time.  One person at a time.  One thing at a time.
The common mindset used to be that a single person could not possibly make a difference.   I never agreed with that notion.  In my mind, we can all make a difference.    A “grassroots” effort.  Each of us can make a difference.  Like a cold, we can be contagious.  

So let me get on my proverbial “high horse”.  Paper pollution is not only wasteful but extremely annoying.    I used to get stacks of mail that were 1 to 2 inches thick.   There were days when I thought I might have to hire a mail handler!  Opening my mailbox to 8+ credit card applications and 1,2, 3 or more catalogs was not unusual.  That WAS then.  Then I signed up with Catalog Choice.

Catalog Choice

It’s easy and it’s free!   And it really works!   Just add the names of the catalogs that you get but don’t want to receive.   Within a short time, the catalogs stop.   You can add more catalogs  as needed.  It  made huge difference in the amount of junk mail that I get.

My other huge pet peeve is credit card offers but you can also stop receiving them here:  

Opt out logo

You should know that they will ask for your personal information (including SSN) so you should read it carefully and make your own decision.    It has reduced the credit card offers in my mailbox 98%.

Don’t forget to to visit Suzan aka Old*Grey*Mare  to see and share more tips on living a more earth friendly lifestyle.

September 16, 2010

Fall is in the Air - Out & About – Fertilizer Friday

Wow!   Fall sure didn’t creep in this year!  We went from 90 degrees and sweltering to a high of 70 and very cool nights in just a few days.

September 8th was the last time I had visitors at the Hummingbird feeder.
09 12 Hummer
I figured it might be the last time.  Boohoo - until next year.

The Morning Glories were in full swing just a few days ago…..
09 12 Morning glories ….and now they are fading.

The daturas are still blooming but…..
09 12 Dat pod
…..starting to put out seed pods for next year.

One of the prettiest weeds is showing up everywhere….
09 12 Pokeweed
Pokeweed!  I love those deep purple berries.

On a recent jaunt, my new roomy, a former city dwelling dog, is being introduced to the suburban life.
09 12 Elsa
A few days ago on a trip to a pond a few minutes from here, Elsa met some new “beasts”.  And much barking ensued.

09 12 Horse on a hill
“What is that!?!?!” she barked.

The beasts were very curious too.
09 12 Horses at the gates

There were every bit as interested in her as she was in them.
09 12 Black horse
They followed us along the fence.  And at one point even showed off by kicking up their heels and prancing around.
09 12 Chestnut horse
I would have loved to get a little closer but didn’t want to spook the horses.  Maybe next time.

So what’s going on in your neck of the woods?  A good place to see what 's going on elsewhere is to visit Tootsie’s Fertilizer Friday.

September 9, 2010

Waning Days of Summer

It’s no secret, the days of summer are quickly shortening.  From the 8:30 sunset of just a few weeks ago to the 7:08 sunset last night.   Days are shorter, nights are cooler and good old Fall is creeping in.  I love Fall.  It’s that “other” season that follows it that I don’t like so much. 

In past years this would be the time I would ponder putting the garden to bed.  Not this year.   The tomatoes are still doing well yet other things have been yanked out.  Making room for a few experiments.

I planted these a couple of weeks ago…

0908 Beets

0908 Peas

0908 Turnip
Will they be ready before the frost?  I dunno.  But I would never know if I didn’t try!  We shall see.

Today I added these…..
0908 Baby SPinach
30 days to maturity.  Maybe.

0908 Salad Mix
42 days.  Maybe.

I’ve had a new helper in the garden this year.  One of my daughters has moved back in (until further notice) and brought with her, her  four legged friend.  Ms. Elsa (aka:  Salsa, Sausalito, Monkey, Bubby, and so and so on.). 

It has become a daily ritual for her to check on the veggies with me.  Oddball that she is, she has taken to eating a few things that I harvest.

0908 Pug 1
She loves freshly cherry tomatoes and peas.   Today I offered a sweet banana pepper.

0908 Pug 2
Yup.  She liked that too.

It is with mixed feelings that I say goodbye to summer (not yet, but soon!).  I do welcome the cooler temperatures for sure.  Enjoy the waning days!

September 1, 2010

Buy Local - Project Genesis

I recently came across a blog that sparked my interest.   It’s interesting, and fun, and sometimes more than just skin deep.  Just the kind of thing that I like to read.  It is hosted by Suzan aka Old*Grey*Mare.


Suzan is hosting a monthly (1st of each month) blog post where everyone can share tips for living a more socially responsible life.  Aptly named “Project Genesis”.   (Suzan, I hope you don't mind that I used your header.  Just this once.)


I remember back to the earliest days of recycling.  In my town, in Canada, that was more than 20 years ago.  Back then, the consensus was kinda “what one person does, doesn’t make much of a difference”.   And the experts agreed.  It had to be widespread.   Regardless, I didn't care who said I wasn’t making a difference, with just a little amount of conscious thinking, it quickly became habit in our house.   I can only imagine how much has been kept out of landfills from just our family.

Now, something else has been on my radar recently with the recent outbreak of salmonella in the egg industry .   The television coverage of these recent events has made me cringe, turn away, and change the channel.   And cry.    I suppose I have been functioning in “ignorance is bliss” mode.  The way these poor creatures are forced to live is heartbreaking.  

So next on my agenda is to become more diligent about buying local eggs. 


I already buy whatever I can locally and this is just one more reason to support our local farms.    Fresher food and money spent in the local economy.  Why not?

I think each and every one of us can make a difference.