May 13, 2010

Out & About – Week 6 – Fertilizer Friday

Here in Zone 6, things are definitely growing but there is a lull in the color.  Spring blooms are all done and not quite time for annuals yet.   But there’s plenty of green.  A world better than the browns and grays of a short time ago.

6 RhododendronIt looks like the Rhododendron will supply the next pop of color.  I only have the one but it is huge – about 15 feet tall.

6 Hummer They’re baaaaack!  This was my first sighting two days ago.

6 Anise Hyssop You need to be careful with this one.   It is prolific!  The seeds blow everywhere!   Even over the roof.  The original planting in the front yard no longer exists but you can find this growing randomly all over the yard.  It’s not a spectacular flower but the slightly fuzzy leaves emit a licorice smell when you rub them.

6 Foxglove
Coming along!  Even without flowers, Foxglove is beautiful. 

6 IrisI love this foliage.  It makes for nice contrast amongst the greens.

6 Poppy The poppies are coming, the poppies are coming!  These have huge red blooms with black centers.

6 Lupin

6 Peony

6 Wren Now this little guy is a saucy one!  I watched his antics for a few minutes and I’m pretty sure he was checking out how to get in a window that was cracked open a few inches.   Which I promptly closed!

So that’s my weekly post for Fertilizer Friday.  Head over to Tootsie’s blog to see what’s going on in everyone’s garden.


Sandy said...

You have done a beautiful job on your garden. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Wow, you've got some beautiful things! Our heirloom (my husband's grandma's) peonies are in full bloom and smell awesome!

Beth said...

Your garden is looking pretty and I look forward to watching progress over the season. I see your lupines have buds - lupines are one of my favorites!!!

xinex said...

I can imagine how pretty your garden looks when it is in full bloom. All the plants are so healthy! The rhododendron have such pretty color. Fifteen ft. tall? Wow!...Christine

Chatty Crone said...

Are you saying by the 6th zone - you've zoned your yard and have planted things in every zone? Awesome! Sandie

Maureen said...

Thanks everyone.

Sandie, I'm referring to USDA Zone 6. I'm not nearly that organized!

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

Hey Maureen,
Glad to see you are still up and running...I know I've been MIA!
Wrens will enter your home...I know from experience and it is really fun when it is both the male and female who come to visit!
Country Blessings,

Angel said...

I see we both seem to be experiencing that "lull" ha-ha, it all just goes sooo fast! So nice to see the humming birds are back! At least your "they're baaack " are humming birds ! mine is a constantly hungry Groundhog ! grrr!
It is amazing where those little birds will make a home. Thanks for sharing,have a great weekend!

siteseer said...

I've never seen a varigated iris!! beautiful. What color is the bloom?

Brambleberry Cottage said...

To me, one of the best parts of gardening is the variety of birds it attracts. I love it!

Well, except when they help themselves to my fruit and veggies before I get a chance to get all I want. LOL

Thanks for visiting the cottage. Be sure to visit again. There are eight more days to enter my giveaway.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Mary Lou said...

Hi Maureen, Just dropped by to see what you had growing and my goodness, you have a lot of beautiful things. I've never seen that type of iris leaves.
Appropriate that you have the butterfly on your banner. I just posted a giveaway of butterflies if you'd like to check it out.

Willow said...

Everything looks so lovely. I love foxgloves and have two plants so far. My Hubby calls them Faery Bells.


Denise said...

I love little wrens :) Your flowers are doing so well. I used to have foxgloves in my garden my house was actually called 'Foxgloves' in England (we didn't have street #'s in the country lane I lived in) and I love Lupins, haven't seen any in years, my Dad used to grow them. What lovely memories you've brought back for me.

sweet bay said...

Lupines, I'm envious. It's too hot for them here. We have to grow Baptisias instead.

Carolina Wrens have so much personality. A pair always nests under our front porch every year.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Maureen,
It looks like your rhododendron will be very colorful soon. That's a pretty color.

I have several anise hyssops, too. We rarely see hummingbirds here. My foxgloves, peonies and poppies look like they are at abut the same stage as yours, but the lupine I planted last summer is still pretty small.

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I have no luck with hummingbirds, your doing well! Love the garden! cathy