April 14, 2010

Out & About – Week 2 – Fertilizer Friday

I love to keep a timeline of what is going on in the great outdoors.  Which plants are blooming as well as the wildlife that emerges or migrates back to the area.  

Last week I was out & about and here are a few of the pics.

In my own yard….
WK 2 Brussel Sprouts Brussel sprouts!  I was shocked to see this is growing from the last year.   It was the first time I grew it so that was one of my experiments.

WK 2 Garlic
Leftover garlic.

WK 2 Leeks And leeks.  And acorns, of course!

WK 2 Flowering tree
This beautiful tree blooms for a very short time every Spring.  Such a pretty addition to the landscape.  I wish it lasted longer!

WK 2 Hydrangea
Hydrangeas are budding.

WK 2 Tulips
WK 2 Hyacinth
Tulips & Hyacinths…..no garden is complete without them.

WK 2 Dandelion
Nor these, unfortunately.

Neighboring towns….
WK 2 Duck pond
I love this place.  It’s a house on a corner so it’s easy to see the pond from the side street.  It was quiet on this day.  Usually it’s brimming with geese and ducks.

WK 2 Duck
Only one lonely duck on this day.

WK 2 Horses
Then just down the road, this beautiful pair.

WK 2 Swans
I hadn’t been to this pond in quite some time and was delighted to see this beautiful swan. 
 WK 2 Swan swimming
Her partner was across the pond when I started feeding her but not for long.

WK 2 Swans 2 
What beautiful creatures!

WK 2 Stream
We’ve had a very wet spring in the northeast and it hasn’t been very much fun.  
But there is a bright side.
WK 2 White tree
Flowering trees have all exploded at the same time.    I’m happy to enjoy the beautiful sight even if just for a short time.

So that’s what’s been going on in my area over the last week.  I hope you are enjoying the bounty of Mother Earth’s wand too!  I look forward to seeing everyone’s posts on Tootsie’s Fertilizer Friday.


Michelle said...

*waves hello* I am enjoying your photos. Hooray for Spring! Are you a resident of Franklin, too?

Maureen said...

Hi Michelle! Yes, I am in Franklin. You too?

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Love your photos. Gorgeous blooms...even the dandelion! LOL
Love seeing your countryside too

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Such beautiful blooms and pretty sights! Thanks for sharing these and also for stopping by my blog.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. You must live in the country. Thank you for sharing.

xinex said...

You have a beautiful neighborhood, looks so serene. Love the picture of the swans and your garden will be beaming wih lovely flowers in a few days....Christine

Sherrie said...

Beautiful walk, thanks for sharing. Love the Swans. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

Paula said...

Such peaceful pictures - thanks for lifting my heart today! Paula from Idaho

Ima Weed said...

Lots of beautiful and interesting things in your neighborhood. The tree with the white blossoms might be a service berry tree, check with your county extension agent or a landscape center. I see you posted one of my beauties, the dandelion, I have scheduled another post about it on Sunday the 18th, hope you will have a chance to check it out.

Dirt Princess said...

What beauties you have in your garden, and around you! I recently ate at a restaurant near our camp, it is a little shack down on the river. They serve catfish, and they bring you out those little pearly onions (I don't know what they are really called) as an appetizer. My goodness they were good! So light and fresh, not strong at all!

Tootsie said...

don't you love the feeling when an experiment plant comes back? good for you!!! your garden is just gorgeous this time of year...It is such a sight to see the trees all starting to bud up around here..I can hardly wait for the first time we can see the green from far away...when the leaves open up!
thanks for the great post!

Willow said...

I just love you pictures and you have a wonderful blog here.

Thanks so much for joining mine.


CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

Hi Maureen,
Thought I better pop over here so I can stalk, I mean, follow you some more! :)
Country Blessings,